Coach Training

We offer New Zealand’s only accredited & licensed ICC training programs.

At the ICC Academy, we help individuals and organisations accelerate their performance via customised accredited coaching development programs. Our Training Academy spans a variety of courses and curriculum that set a quality benchmark in coaching excellence.


Through our Coaching Accreditation courses, we will help you learn how to coach others effectively, specialise in an areas of coaching interest and help you to build your own coaching practice or organisation coaching culture.

Lambent Coaching

The International Coaching Community uses the exclusive training programs and methodology created by Lambent. This coaching methodology was awarded with the European Quality Award (EQA) in 2010 by the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC), and has been used to train over 15,000 people from 78 countries since 2001

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Why Coach Training?

When you train with the ICC, you are obtaining a globally recognised qualification. This allows you to market yourself as a coach on the international website. The shift towards remote coaching using online platforms is expanding the market significantly. This trend enables coaches to reach clients globally. Training individuals within organisations is now viewed as a strategic decision. Statistics indicate a growing desire among people to work with managers and leaders who possess effective coaching skills.

Coaching is instrumental in unlocking individuals’ potential, enabling them to maximize personal and professional growth. When individuals reach their fullest potential, the entire team, business unit, and organization benefit. Effective coaching cultivates self-discipline, fosters self-awareness, and sparks inner motivation. Unlocking full potential through coaching acts as a catalyst for enhancing people engagement and performance management. When individuals assume awareness and responsibility for their development, a coaching culture emerges, providing a competitive advantage.

Step Up Your Coaching Skills


With the shift in pace that companies now undertake, changing and pivoting to market and customer needs, the role of manager and mentor has shifted to one of leader and coach. Find out the 5 reasons you should step up your coaching skills

We Offer

Each course is experiential, immersive and discussion–based. There is time set aside for your coaching experience every day of the program. A workbook is provided for the program, which includes models, frameworks, ideas for coaching and internationally recognised theory.

International Coaching Certification

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With this program, you will be able to obtain the International Certification in Coaching and become a member of the International Coaching Community. This training will help you acquire and develop the fundamental skills necessary to practice coaching in the personal and organizational sphere.

Team Coaching Certification

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Organizations that have already tested the effectiveness of individual coaching are introducing this philosophy at all levels, for which highly specialised coaches are needed to create more cohesive, creative, and efficient work teams.

Executive Coaching Certification

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This program will allow you to be an accredited executive coach. The certification will enable you to guide leaders, executives and organizations to deliver better results and reach the highest level of performance.

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