Team Coaching

Team Coaching Certification

Team coaching is currently one of the most rapidly growing markets in the business world. Organisations are hiring coaches to work with their teams to improve performance, engagement and morale at a systemic level alongside the individual work of the one on one coach.


When teams perform at their best not only does the business do well but people also increase their engagement and satisfaction at work. It is open to ICC-certified coaches and others who have completed suitable initial training in the foundations of coaching.

What We Offer

  • Level 2 ICC Certification
  • Internationally Recognised Coaching Qualification
  • 120 Coach Training Education Hours (46 Live Classroom Hours)

What’s Included

  • Support and Feedback from Master Coach
  • Support Finding your First Paying Client(s)
  • Small Groups – Maximum of 12 Students

Next Course Dates:

Online Course

April/May 2024

Module 1: 9th and 10th and 11th April 2024
Module 2: 30th of April and 1st and 2nd of May 2024

Price: $5,495+GST

Online Course

August/September 2024

Module 1: 20th and 21st and 22nd August 2024
Module 2: 17th and 18th and 19th of September 2024

Price: $5,495+GST

Topics Covered in the Certification

  • Definitions and structure of team coaching as applied to business.
  • The difference between a group and a team.
  • The characteristics of high-performance teams and how to develop them.
  • The obstacles to achieving high-performance and how to manage them.
  • Teams as systems: using points of influence and feedback.
  • How to get agreement on and clarify team goals.
  • Creating the team’s values and using for motivation.
  • The development stages of teams and techniques to move forward.
  • Quantitatively measuring team effectiveness.
  • Coaching team conflicts.
  • Team psychogeography and how to work with it.
  • Running a powerful and kinaesthetic team action plan.
  • How to choose between different team coaching models.
  • Contracting and proposals for pitching your services.

Who is it for?


For coaches, this course represents the opportunity to broaden and maximise the services they offer to their clients by increasing the impact their business team interventions can have on the organisation.


For leaders and executives, this course lets them discover a new way of interacting with teams, developing the processes of empowerment necessary for high-performance teams.


It is also suitable for people who work in human resources and who are looking for new ways to intervene in organisations and support internal clients and teams.

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