Foundation Coaching Certificate

International Certification Courses

The Foundation Coach Training Program is your first step into becoming an internationally recognised and certified coach. The New Zealand International Coaching Community Academy provides you with a personalised development program ensuring your success throughout the entire course.

The training will help you acquire and develop the fundamental skills necessary to practice coaching in the personal and organisational sphere. We integrate different models and philosophies in a unique, powerful, and flexible process, suitable for both personal and professional coaching approaches.

What We Offer

  • Level 1 ICC Certification
  • Internationally Recognised Coaching Qualification
  • 106 Coach Training Education Hours (64 Live Classroom Hours)

What’s Included

  • Support and Feedback from Master Coach
  • Support Finding your First Pro Bono Client(s)
  • Small Groups – Maximum of 12 Students

Next Course Dates:

Online Course

August/September 2024

Module 1: 14th and 15th August
Module 2: 28th and 29th August
Module 3: 11th and 12th September
Module 4: 25th and 26th September

Price: $6,895+GST

Online Course

October/November 2024

Module 1: 16th and 17th October
Module 2: 30th and 31st October
Module 3: 13th and 14th November
Module 4: 27th and 28th November

Price: $6,895+GST

Online Course

February/March 2025

Module 1: 12th and 13th February
Module 2: 30th and 31st October
Module 3: 12th and 13th March
Module 4:  26th and 27th March

Price: $6,895+GST

Topics Covered in the Certification

  • Tactical coaching: how to achieve more change in one session.
  • How to implement strategic coaching over an extended period of time.
  • Skills to help clients live more satisfactory lives.
  • Develop and use coaching intuition.
  • How to work with the client’s goals.
  • How to work with the client’s main values.
  • How to devise action plans that work.
  • How to execute the all-important first session.
  • The powerful questions that change clients’ life and WHEN to ask them.
  • How to assign tasks to clients to get the best results and what to do if these aren’t accomplished.
  • How to help clients overcome their fears and mental blocks.

The ethical guidelines of coaching.


  • The art and levels of listening.
  • How to work with and change clients’ limiting beliefs.
  • How to help clients design their best future possible with long-term goals.
  • Developing your own unique coaching style.
  • How to time your coaching interventions to achieve maximum impact.
  • When to be directive and when to be non-directive.
  • How to make requests, establish challenges, and design tasks.
  • Understand how systemic thought can find the point of influence in your coaching practice.
  • How to achieve maximum change with minimum effort.

Who is it for?


Learning how to coach effectively may be one of the best decisions you ever make for yourself. With the ICC accredited Coach Training Program you will not only learn how to coach others, you will learn things about yourself that you didn’t even know – and how you can help yourself to be at the top of your game.


If you want to work as a professional coach – this program is for you. If you’re already a coach, this course will broaden your skills and give you new tools and options in your coaching practice. It will allow you to market your services with a globally recognised accreditation.


If you’re a manager of people or senior leader who wants to improve your coaching skills to lead, manage and support others in all areas of business – this program will give you the insights, knowledge and toolbox to embed and advance your leadership.

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